With September already here and the holiday shopping season fast approaching, many bedding, and home goods retailers are often asking us when they should begin their holiday marketing campaigns. This is an important question because if you begin your campaign too early, customers will quickly tire of your ads, but if you begin your campaign too late, you could miss out on some much-needed sales and you could lose customers to your competitors as a result.

As the industry’s leading wholesale bedding supplier, our experience in this area has taught us that the best time to begin any marketing campaign is the very minute you are asking about it. If it is too early to post seasonal marketing material online, you can begin the process of stocking up on products so your customers won’t have to wait when they make their purchases. Whether you are selling a cotton jacquard duvet cover or a clipped jacquard comforter, making a customer wait for a product to come back in stock is always a big mistake.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some indicators that you should get started on your holiday marketing campaign today:

Are You Offering Holiday Season Related Products- if you sell products that relate to the Christmas holiday, you should begin your marketing campaign as early as possible. This should be done by late September. Be sure to contact your wholesale bedding supplier to ensure that you are able to carry enough stock for your sales.

Different Channels Require Different Lead Times- once you determine which channels you will use for your holiday marketing campaign, schedule your marketing material based on each channel’s lead time. Blogs about your cotton jacquard duvet covers, clipped jacquard comforters, or muslin blankets should be posted before marketing emails are sent out and customized landing pages are created.

By planning ahead and getting started on your holiday marketing campaign early, you will be better prepared for a busy and successful holiday season and you will see a noticeable increase in both sales and profits.

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