For many of us, finding a reputable bedding manufacturer in China ensures that we will get the quality and value that we need when shopping for premium bedding. And not only does that mean that we are getting the best the industry has to offer, but it also means that we are getting the latest styles and patterns for our modern homes. But, regardless of whether you are getting wholesale comforter sets China, or you purchase your bedding from an online retailer, caring for it properly will keep it looking newer longer.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to help make your premium bedding last longer:

Avoid Using Harsh Chemical Cleaners- when washing and cleaning your bedding, you should avoid using any chemical cleaners. Some fabric cleaning products can make your bedding feel rough. Use a high-quality laundry soap and fabric softener and set your washing machine on a gentle or bedding cycle.

Wash In A Bedding-Only Load- avoid mixing your bedding with regular clothes or towels. Zippers, metal buttons, and denim may cause small tears in sheets and comforters. If possible, avoid using a washer with an agitator feature, because the mechanism can wear down the fabric over time. If you wash your bedding with other clothes, it could get tangled up causing wrinkles or preventing the washing machine from cleaning your bedding thoroughly.

Choose The Right Wash Cycle- cold water washing is more ideal for just about any bedding. If the water temperature goes above 30 degrees Celsius during washing, certain fabrics including silk can start to deteriorate. Choose the lowest setting to reduce the risk of your bedding being pulled and torn apart by the washing machine.

Dry Properly- if you choose to dry your bedding naturally outside, avoid wringing out sheets and pillowcases because you will cause wrinkles and gradually weaken the fabric. Instead, hang them on clotheslines and allow gravity to slowly remove the water. Remember that too much sunlight will cause darker fabrics to fade or become discolored. Wooden drying racks can leave wood finish or stains onto your bedding, so be sure to avoid them.

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